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On-site car washes are available! We're more than just a service center. Click here for more information.
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We are proud to carry Cooper tires. Call today or browse tires online!Michelin®BFGoodrich®Hankook
On-site car washes are available! We're more than just a service center. Click here for more information.Click here to like us on Facebook!Click here to visit us on our new Google+ page!We are proud to carry Cooper tires. Call today or browse tires online!
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We carry products from Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Michelin®, BFGoodrich®, Bridgestone, Kumho, Cooper, Hankook, and Falken.

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We will also have the PINK sidewall tires in stock! These are available in P19560r15 and P20555r16 tire sizes. These tires are a "triple tread" type all-season tire for all-year traction and have the bright pink ribbon sidewall as seen in the videos here and on YouTube! Our staff will also be wearing the pink shirts for the promotional period. We will also be offering a free car wash with any new set of 4 tires purchased to help lend additional support for this important cause.

Car Wash, Detailing, Clay, Polishing, Hand Wax, Glazing, Rain-X, and New Tires Installed with Hunter Touchless Mounting and Hunter Road Force Tire Balancing - Only the BEST!

Hi! Thanks for visiting. We are a full service car wash with quick, convenient car wash, wax, and detailing services. Additionally, we have a full tire shop and vehicle maintenance center! Our tire shop is equipped with Hunter touchless tire mounting, Road Force balancing, and European style systems to care for the most demanding vehicle owner’s wheels and tires. Our tire equipment and detailing services are second to none!

Now you have a place to go to maintain your car, keep it looking and performing great! With fresh tires and a freshly detailed, car you will feel great and look great!

Come see us soon!

Quick, Convenient, Competitive Tire Prices and Friendly Services!

What happens to paint when you don’t use sponges or cloth to remove surface dirt?

Some answers from professional paint experts show the following issues occur when paint is not properly cared for and occasionally cleansed with soft cloth or sponges:

  • Using a CLAY BAR to clean paint after a wash and then applying a superior quality Carnuba wax is the best way to maintain your paint. three times per year is ideal, but a clay service and wax two times per year will still maintain that water-beading shine.
  • Opt for foam polishes and sealer waxes at car washes to recoat the waxes that normally wear off at high speeds in rain conditions. At 60 mph, rain is nearly half the force of pressure washing and pelts the surface constantly for hours per month wearing away the protectants.
  • Occasionally the surface of the clear coat needs re-polished. Polishing is an attempt to smooth the surface over and seal off pores and give a new clean surface for sealers and waxes to hold on to.
  • After buffing and polishing, the paint it looks really great! Now a very high quality Carnuba wax needs to be applied to protect it and keep new dirt from sticking to the surface.
  • Some of our newest high tech waxes have ion charges to repel some dirt molecules and can last longer than cheaper waxes. It all about what goes in to the waxes and your type of paint.
  • Dirt particles that stick to the paint surface can be forced into the paint by high pressure sprays, much like sand blasting. It is advised to keep the pressures under 1,000 psi for occasional cleaning.
  • Detailing your car inside and out can be a tedious task that takes many hours and an artful skill. Occasionally the interior may need to be removed to clean it all with an extractor. Our steam extraction devices use high pressure steam and detergents to force out as much dirt as possible.
  • Some extreme customers request the removal of other plastic covers and fender liners to remove debris and dirt and restore a vehicle to like new condition. While this is a project it has tremendous results! Some car enthusiasts do this a few months before they trade a car in so they can enjoy the clean car and then trade in a vehicle that looks great bringing top dollar.
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